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Interesting New Ancestry Cousins This Week

Adelaide Gagnier

Adelaide Gagnier

Overlapping Cousin Trees

I’ve been meaning to detail my finds on my blog but haven’t really been doing much of that. Time to start!

Chretien and Lebeau

I have found two interesting matches at Ancestry this week. One shares the same couple I suspected was the link between myself and another 4-6th cousin. That cousin happily has only 2 of 8 lines — at the second cousin level — which are French or French Canadian one maternal and one paternal. The maternal line runs right through Detroit and this is where the second match is at: Edward Christian (Chretien) born Detroit 1853 and Mary Lebeau born Paris1860. They were married in 1879 in Butte Montana. Such being the case, that Mary never came to Detroit, I’m now looking to his siblings some of whom stayed in Detroit. This would make her my 4th cousin (she’s labeled 4-6 at Ancestry.DNA). It’s interesting because if I go one more generation back, it’s all Quebec which is I suppose possibly where we are related…but it would be odd. Setting aside Mary for now, Edward’s father was Jean Baptiste Christian born 1805 in Quebec and died in Eagan Minnesota. He married Adelaide Gagnier in Detroit in 1830. Adelaide was born in Detroit in 1814. Together, Adelaide and Jean Baptiste had 14 children who I’m now trying to trace forward in time.

Home Town Match

The second interesting match was in my medium confidence range and she has all names and places from right around here. I’ve built her tree back to 1700 and get 3 hints, but just in the first page there are five undiscovered hints. Now that I have so many pages it’s really tedious to look one at a time although I will have to. I can only hope that Ancestry improves the hint feature along with the search features. Anyway, I need to think about this person some more and see if I can find a connection with the Chretiens or any other of my closer French Canadian matches.  This match was fun to work on because they are all local, but because she’s almost all French Canadian it will be harder to narrow our matches down.

During one search on these lines, I came across someone directly related to my Rose cousin. I was very excited until I realized the dates were too far off for this to have been the right person. The search goes on!



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