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My Tale of Adoption in the Detroit Free Press

Pictures of me with my mom, my mom's dad, my dad and my dad's mom.

Me at a young age with my adopted mother, Mary Thelma (Kim) (Smoyer) Jarvis on upper left. Myself and my mother’s father Grampa Smoyer upper right, lower left is me and my adopted father Maurice Edward Jarvis and with his mom Laura (Chabot) Jarvis and a dark haired lady I can’t identify.


I Started Out as a Small Adopted Child

I got very lucky and met a reporter who was interested in my adoption story and in searching for my birth family through DNA testing. The reporter, Kristen Shamus, is a fellow French Canadian — we met at a French Canadian Heritage Society in Michigan meeting! Ms Shamus is a very thorough investigator. I really appreciate all the time she spent interviewing the various DNA testing companies and following the process that an adoptee in search of their birth family goes through. Her article is helping to spread the word — about my adoption in specific — but about the minions of adoptees and birth parents looking for their ancestry and lost birth families. I learned a lot through her investigation. Kristen is a very warm person and easy to talk to, and has a very sharp mind. If you ever have the pleasure of working with her, you’ll find she is very good at getting to the heart of the matter without stepping on your feelings.

I also want to thank Mandi Wright, the photographer that made me look better than real life and who was enthusiastic and supportive of me looking for my family too.

Free Press Story

Here is a link to the Detroit Free Press article. If you’re interested in more of my story, check out the “My Adoption Details” page or the “About the Author” page.

Me c. 1974 in military dress greens.

Me c. 1974 in military dress greens.


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  1. admin says:

    Thanks Patti! Right now I don’t have enough info to be looking up names. Soon though I hope!

  2. Patti says:

    You may wish to check on the Veteran Yellow Pages n facebook if you have more information.