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About the Author

Kasandra Rose

Kasandra Rose

About the Author:

Writing fanzine-based articles since 1985, Kasandra Rose writes and edits articles for political and  health blogs and, writes for Demand Media Studios as a freelancer, and has an extensive technical writing background. She has She holds a Bachelor of Science in biology and a Bachelor of Arts in anthropology from the University of Michigan, and a Master’s degree in biology from Wayne State University and continued on to do three more years of post master’s graduate studies.Rose was first published at the age of 8 when two of her poems were included in a collected work of children’s poetry. In addition to her love of the written word, Rose walked a path of her own making by entering the military and becoming one of the first female members of the regular U.S. Army. After serving her country for six years, her years of duty enabled her to go to college and get her first two degrees. From there, she worked as an analytical research scientist and TSCA expert for two decades, writing copious scientific and business reports, including those presented to customers such as Ford Motor Company, General Motors and to regulators at the U.S. Government. During this period, she also was tapped to write a user’s manual for MSDS creation using the often-challenging SAP system. After returning to school to acquire her Master’s, Rose discovered a passion for teaching as well as rediscovering her love of the written word. Together with her partner, Rose built where she writes both news articles and ad copy, conducts interviews with celebrities, and enjoys writing humorous parody articles when time permits. She also runs a staff of 15 other writers, editors and graphic artists. She currently teaches biology and environmental science at several universities.

Seeking to further diversify her creative endeavors, Rose created ‘The Ink Well’, where she utilizes her extensive writing background to help small business owners find solutions to their advertising needs and creates blog-ready content for web entrepreneurs seeking to round out their website with informative, interesting, customer-oriented stories.


4 Responses to "About the Author"

  1. I hope you will consider joining our search and support group – AdoptionDNA – at Yahoo groups.

    Search Angel

    1. admin says:

      Hi Priscilla,

      I’m already a member of this group although I’ve stopped reading it due to time constraints and the refusal of the members to edit their replies. I hope you are well.


      1. Meryem says:

        Wow, I feel like some of your post is a page from my past. I too was adopted, but at an age too young to remebmer. My parents decided to do a closed adoption (I don’t think it’s legal to do this anymore) and not tell me about it. My birth mom had some major problems (drugs,alcohol and abuse) and I and my biological sister were taken out of the house one night for our safety (again I was too little to remebmer). My adopted mom took us both in foster care. I was adopted and my bio sis was kept in foster care by my mom’s best friend (my mom claims the biomom would not sign the adoption papers for my older sister). Anywho, we lived like that for years with my bio sis knowing I was out there and my folks not wanting to let me know. I found out everything when I was 18 and moved out of my folk’s house. My bio sis got in contact with me at the time. I am now into my late thirties and have a relationship with my bio sister and a letter writing one with my bio mom. My real mom (that’s what I consider my adopted mom) feels extremely guilty over what took place. But, I never mention it and she avoids the issue as well. We cont. to struggle over that pink elephant throughout the years. Especially because my bio sis had approached them throughout my childhood begging them to let me know the truth about her. Unfortunately, you can’t go back and erase the past. But, you can continue to make a happier present. If you want to get some answers then make that very clear. Hire a lawyer if you must. It can be very messy, but do what you got to do to have peace of mind.HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

    2. Marko says:

      Look, I am not disagreeing at all that bad tignhs have happened. That to me is part and parcal of the truth. Thats the personal experiences on BEBA are REAL, that there was and IS coercion, that there are sides with money and power who seek to profit from sealed records to hide their secrets, and transfering the babies, etc…Those are facts. How I was stripped of my motherhood by mistruths and wrongful enabling, how you could were tied down and given no choice at all…FACTS. And was happened in the past DOES matter, as it shows us the mistales and the tignhs that must STOP happening.But to me, my social worker is NOT here. The parents of my sone are NOT here ( and even if they were..I don’t blame them..they could have been anyone really..if not that couple, then there would have been another), the director of the agency that orchastrated the policies that let me throw it all away is NOT here..she’s dead actually. My mother is NOT here, she’s dead too.Who do i have to fight? The industry..and with the money and the poswer they have..heck, I will take what i can on my side.The way I see it..most of the adoptive parents who have small children how and are able to see the truths..are of my age group. They have grown up much like I have,in the same world. They have seen the same world I have, they have expeirenced many of the same tignhs..and I assumed some same values. They are not responsible for MY pain, my life, my son’s loss…so why am I going to hate on them?Can they be guilty of wanting a cild, sure..if that IS something to be judged for. Can they be responsible for not knowing, trusting the professionals, doing what they thought was the right way? Sure…but SO AM I. If I want them to buy into the fact that I had really no choice and did what I thought I shoud do rather than making an informed choice and WANTING to have this life, then I have to extend the same thing. If I want them to understand that that I am not miserable, nor bitter nor filled ith rage, then I have to extend to them that they are not miserable baby stealers too. It is called getting beyond the sterotypes and trying to find what we do agree with and work form there. Yeah, it hasn’t happened before. And maybe it won’t happen again. But kids use to be blank slates, and APs were just told to love them ..that was accepted. People don’t see it the same way anymore. People treat kids differntly, they view adoption differntly, we view the world differently. Maybe tignhs can change.It’s worth trying to me. Its worth it when I read of an adoptive parent who wants to know what to tell a person what they should be thinking of to parent..rather then..ooooh another baby for me! It’s worth it when I am asked for recourses, or what reading should be passed on, or who to write to. SO yeah, maybe the older parents of older BSE adoptees are NOT going to want to join in here, but hey…they all get older and they will DIE eventally! I still plan on being here. Fighting for changes and truth.And if this time it doesn’t work..well more ground work for the next fool, more mistakes for them to learn form.

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