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DNA Testing Companies

These are the major testing/matching companies that I recommend. Sometimes you can submit DNA from one site to another for a lowered price or for free. You used to be able to submit Ancestry raw DNA files to FTDNA but it seems that may have been suspended. I’ll update the page when I have more of an idea of what is happening. You can still submit your autosomal DNA raw data file to DNA-land. Several of the services use imputation – meaning they guess at which base occurs at a particular SNP.  I’m not a fan because really, we’re looking for DIFFERENCES but it looks like this is the trend. Unfortunately, early adopters usually get a high priced service but sometimes get a cleaner end product. Right now, 23andMe, DNA-Land and Genes for Good all use imputation.

Medical DNA

You can also run your raw DNA file from almost any service through Promethease to explore your medical information for a very low price : $5 for a regular file and $10 for an imputed file.

If you can only buy one DNA test – get tested at Ancestry DNA.

I’ll try to keep these prices up to date but if you’re ever unsure you can just click each of the pictures floating across the front page and it will lead you to the purchasing page of the company in question!

DNA Testing Prices!

ServiceTest TypeIncludes
Includes mtDNA and or YDNA Haplogroups?Includes DNA
*Submit DNA from other testing sites.**Ethnicity is crude compared to other companies.*** Can be purchased in a package deal
Ancestry DNAAutosomalYesNoYes$99#1
FTDNA Family FinderAutosomalYes**No***YesSALE $69
(normally $99)
National GeographicAutosomalYesNoNoSALE $179.99
(normally $199.99)
Genes for GoodAutosomalNoNoNoFree#4
DNA-LandNo DNA Tested*YesNoYesFree#6
FTDNA mtDNA or YDNAMitochondrial or Y chromosomeNoYesYesSALE $30 off