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The Ethnicity/Country of Ancestry Chart for Kasandra Rose

Kasandra Rose’s Countries of my Ancestors Chart!

My Ancestry or Ethnicity at a Glance!

Everyone’s doing it so why not you? Below you’ll find a blank, 6-generation Excel sheet formatted so that you can track your ancestors names OR – as the new fad suggests – color-code each ancestor’s country or ethnicity. As an example, here’s mine and the logic I chose.

First I created an excel sheet with each cell outlined that would have an ancestor’s country listed. I stuck to the convention where father’s are on top and mother’s on the bottom… coughs.. well.. it’s a tradition.

I chose to vertically align the countries in the first three generations because you need that space anyway and might as well make the best of it and I centered the text so it looked better. The remainder I put the text horizontally but still centered. Then I selected colors from the flags of the states/countries. I chose to make all American States a shade of Blue and I will make all Canadian states a shade of red. I selected yellow from the German flag and need I even mention that green is Irish? For readability reasons, dark colors got white text.

A Chart for You!

Here’s a blank copy for you to modify as you see fit. There’s no convention on how you select your colors – be creative! Also, I’m inserting more information in my chart as comments: names, birth and death dates and locations. It’s possible to outline each cell in the color of the country where the people died but I haven’t done that yet. Genealogists could also use this chart to track their ancestry visually. Expand the generations by copying everything and pasting it below the chart you copied it from and adding a new column to the left of column A where you will have to create a giant cell that represents you. You can do this almost infinitely, copying the new ‘whole’ chart and pasting it below the old one and adding a new column, to cover as many generations as you’d like. Viewers can’t really see it ‘at a glance’ beyond 6 generations, though.

6 Gen Blank

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